All dogs can be destructive, their destructive play is about exploring, not intentionally destroying things. On the other hand, a destructive adult dog displaying negative behavior needs attending to. Contact me right away.

There are numerous behaviors that can be considered "bad manners". All are easily corrected with the proper behavior modification and tools. We can help!

Dogs can present us with all types of unwanted behaviors. While these things are stressful to us as humans, it's important to understand that your dog is behaving in a way that makes sense to him. Dogs don't make trouble just to get you angry. The key here is understanding what is driving the unwanted behavior and how that behavior is being reinforced by your dog's environment.
Begging, Jumping, Counter-Surfing, Rude Manners, Barking, Mouthing, Chasing, Marking, Humping, Off-Leash Control, etc.
House Breaking, In-Home Destruction, Stealing (trash, socks etc) Digging, Chewing, etc.
Separation Anxiety, Separation Stress, Fearful Behavior, Sound Sensitivity, Eliminating Inside, OCD, etc.

Our methods focus on building trust and teaching a dog how to manipulate their environment in positive ways. Once we do this, dogs become capable of coping with their owners absence and have significantly less risk of relapsing into old behavior patterns.

Resource Guarding, Stranger Aggression, Growling, Dog to Dog Aggression, Biting, Nipping, On-leash aggression, etc.

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Bad Manners

Lots of people today are too busy to devote the necessary amount of time to their dogs to get them trained and well-behaved.

Most trainers focus on eliminating the visual signs of aggression that are merely symptoms. This doesn't change the underlying issue.

We will create training sessions that are specifically designed to lower your dog's sensitivity towards other dogs, strangers or anything else that they are displaying aggression towards. We can help!


Does your dog chew your furniture or favorite shoes? This is challenging for both the owners and the dogs.


Every case of anxiety is different. Anxiety is often treated much like reactive behavior.


Does my dog have aggression?

Most clients are very surprised to discover that their growling, snarling or biting dog doesn't have an aggression problem.

Types of Behavior