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The Inner Wag helped me change my dogs destructive behavior every time I left the house to go to work Thanks, The Inner Wag


Mr. Rod Johnson
Pitbull Owner

Jennifer Kroll
Owner / Trainer / Behavior Consultant

about Jennifer Kroll

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The Inner Wag was created because of her lifetime love of dogs, passion and experience


She is a Canine Behavior Consultant by profession, a career that really chose her rather than the other way around.

Jennifer has studied human and canine psychology with an emphasis on learning behavior. She has worked with numerous breeds from the unique Chinese Crested Powder Puff to the often misunderstood Pitbull.

Jennifer graduated from the prestigious Animal Behavior College (ABC). During her tenure at ABC she mentored classmates to achieve their goals. The ABC contacted Jennifer to assist with mentoring / training current students who have not graduated. She is also mentoring current interns preparing them to enter the field.

Additionally, she is a certified American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen Evaluator (AKC CGC).

She has assisted with several National and local dog rescue groups to rehabilitate and find dogs permanent homes. She has also taken on helping train service dogs for a much needed service that is lacking in this area of Northwest Florida.

Jennifer believes solely on the science based "positive reinforcement training" techniques. She never uses harsh methods in her training courses, which automatically gives positive results with your dog.

Jennifer has been holding private sessions for over 16 years teaching people to better understand and communicate with their dogs. After living with, training, raising, caring for, loving dogs and multiple dog packs most of her life, she has had the unique luxury of learning to better understand dogs by watching them work and train each other.

Jennifer continually develops her skills with continuing education, courses and seminars to remain current and to provide you the best services for you and your dog.

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Jen is a phenomenal dog trainer! Her knowledge and love of dogs is very apparent and the dogs respond....Not only that LuLu loves Jen and loves to be boarded at The Inner Wag.

Ms. Becky Carter
Catahoula - Mix owner